Atmoterm offers hundreds of services, applications and computer programs that enable efficient management of the environment and fulfillment of all environmental obligations in an exceptionally efficient manner.

Consulting services:

  • air modeling;
  • ecological audit;
  • compliance audit;
  • environmental due diligence;
  • environmental management system ISO 14001;
  • Eco-Management and Audit System;
  • environmental modeling;
  • environmental impact asesments (including strategic asesment);
  • application for a white certificate;
  • energy efficiency audit for industrial plans and buildings;
  • enterprise energy audit;
  • environmental and CO2 outsourcing;
  • energy clusters – development of starategy and documents;
  • preparation of documentation required for obtaining environmental permits;
  • expertises and analyzes in the field of legal and environmental issues related to all components of the environment.

Software products:

  • IT solutions integrating all data regarding environmental components on which the plant influence;
  • environmental management system to monitor emission, waste, water, wastewater, ISO 14000 process and other user specified solutions;
  • professional IT systems to support the process of monitoring and reporting carbon dioxide emissions in the European Union Emissions Trading System.

Professional training:

  • organization and conducting of trainings concerning environmental issues, dedicated for specific entities or industries and providing the portal with legal environmental information;
  • workshops about authorization procedures;
  • general and specific courses in the field of environment.