From 1981 we gather experience in environmental information management. Our specialization are projects related to environmental protection particularly refer to air quality, the management of broadly understood air pollution emissions. In this area, we provide consulting services, design and implementation of IT systems for national, regional and local administration as well as for business clients and research institutions.

For years we have been involved in environmental policy, the management and assessment of air quality in Poland as well as in Central Europe. We completed the first air pollution emission inventory in Poland in the CORINAIR – CORNAIR’90 method. We also conducted a Project Phare Topic linked on Air Emissions, preparing the Central European countries to report the emissions in accordance with the requirements of the European Environment Agency.

We create tools supporting environmental protection management

We provide consulting services, including monitoring, reporting and management of air pollution emissions, for the largest corporations in the European Union, operating in the energy, chemical, oil, cement, steel and paper industries. We have developed, among others, IT system for monitoring, reporting and management of greenhouse gas emissions tools, which has been successfully implemented in many companies, making it recognizable in Europe.

Our systems are complemented by complex tools that support the management of environmental protection, both in administration and in business. Our consulting services include preparation of expert opinions, legal and environmental risk assessment, strategies and plans, environmental audits, development of documents for obtaining environmental decisions and permits, audits and studies in the field of energy efficiency, as well as outsourcing services.